Microfiction Draft: Preoccupation with Blood

A wealthy man goes to a giant old house he's inherited in rural Maine. He brings four high priced hookers. He talks about how he fantasizes about breeding humans for intelligence or physical prowess and what a society would look like if he could do that. He imagines humans breeding as soon as they could and being paired with people with similar talents or positive traits. He imagines cloning most sexually attractive women for his own private collection. A vampire has made his home in the old house unbeknown to the group. The vampire listens to them interact and decides that in order to get the most out if them he will drain them of their blood slowly and collectively so they don't notice until they are to weak to do anything about it, on their last day at the mansion. Then he'll extract whatever he can of value from them. Debit card PINs, credit cards, cash, checks, jewelry, car and house keys, whatever, and then disappear the group in the woods. He kills them in the last day and decides to go to a Halloween party they were all planning to go to, dressing up as a vampire.