Microfiction draft: The Breeder King and his Talented German Monk

A hypnotist is a fan of the ghost writer and antiquarian MR James. Researching James, the hypnotist finds that MR James had made a study of the so-called "Breeder King," a noble who lived in Ukraine in the Middle Ages, and reputedly impregnated all his female serfs, and otherwise sought out means of breeding his serfs with each other to enhance certain traits. The Breeder King's servant, a brilliant and persuasive German monk, managed the king's breeding program. The monk was an expert in animal husbandry as well as methods of classical rhetoric. He was renowned for remarkable persuasive abilities as a member of court. The monk wrote a text in German, an unusual choice in a time when monks wrote texts in Latin, on persuasion and politics, which survived, being passed to different aristocratic book collectors throughout Europe over the ages. Hitler was said to have come into possession of this text when, as a courier during World War I, he visited a German military headquarters in an ancient French chateau, whose libraries he perused, and found an old copy of the text, which he was mesmerized by. He is said to have stolen the text. Goebbels makes reference to it, wishing to learn from it, though Hitler refused to let anyone read it.