Microfiction draft: Framing Narrative

A dead body is found in a tree, drained of blood. A police detective investigates and can’t come up with a good lead so he picks the last person who was seen with the dead body, a fiction writer, as the killer, and then starts to create evidence to establish his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

The fiction writer had written an unpublished story which eerily predicted these events, and begins to suspect the police detective is in the process of framing him, since in the story, a police detective frames a fiction writer for killing a man drained of blood, who was found in a tree. On the other hand, the real-life fiction writer doubts his own sanity.

The fiction writer uses his story as a clue to the real killer. In the story, the killer was based on the writer's neighbor in the downstairs apartment. In the story, the neighbor was a vampire hit man. The vampire hit man had killed the man in the tree as a contract killing, and in a vampiric fugue state, drained the body of blood while perched in the tree.

The fiction writer calls the police with an anonymous tip. In his story, the vampire hit man has some bloody clothes in his home. The fiction writer, in his anonymous tip, says the downstairs neighbor was seen walking into his apartment building with bloody clothes on, the night before the body was found.

The police come and talk with, and then arrest, the downstairs neighbor. The fiction writer sees the detective, whom he had suspected of trying to frame him, carrying bloody clothing in a plastic bag from the downstairs apartment. Everything in real life had matched his story, as the writer had imagined it. But now, he notes the bloody clothes in the plastic bag do not match what he had imagined in his story.

The writer watches as the downstairs neighbor is put in the back of the police car. The writer's eyes linger on the detective's face in the front driver-side window as the car pulls away. The writer stands at the upstairs window a little longer. Then he pulls the shade.